Ph – Vietnamese Noodle Soup

A traditional Vietnamese dish, Originated from North Vietnam in Hanoi, its popularity soon spread to all corners of Vietnam. Since its got to south of Vietnam many differences varieties has been created depend on the taste of each local and the level of spices by it culture. Once again Phở got to the america and wells settle in the heart of Orange County once again many varieties has been created to fitted in with many differences culture. but one thing for sure it getting better healthier but still got all original flavor or even richer in original flavor, because as our ingredient is from all the best quality  supplier   . More often than not, pho is made with beef. With the improving to now we could see lot protein been added in like chicken, seafood, vegan. the beauty of Phở is we can eat phở any time of the day breakfast or late night out Phở still get your day covered …..

Our goal is your enjoy in relaxing atmosphere with very approved healthy food & drinks, all our ingredients is selected from best source and fully approved by our health departments, with mostly natural foods or real fruit drinks flavors. with many year in serving in orange county we studied the taste of every cultures and we had blended them together to got you the best taste and most fun to enjoy with our chef and our team.

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Ph K-tea